Move Against Migraine

We Must All Move Against Migraine

MAMIf Migraine disease is a big enough part of your life for you to be reading this blog, it's impact on your life must be significant. You're most likely impacted by:

  • the lack of research funding, which results in a lack of effective treatments
  • the debilitating physical impact of the disease
  • the emotionally exhausting social stigma attached to the disease
  • and more

There are people out there working on all of these issues, but it's not enough - yet. Each of us — whether we have one mild Migraine attack a year, or a horribly severe Migraine attack every day — needs to do our part. We need to stand together and Move Against Migraine. The American Migraine Foundation (AMF) recently started an initiative to help us do just that, and it's called Move Against Migraine.

Here's a 60-second public service announcement that the AMF recently recorded:

To tell you more about Move Against Migraine, here's a video from Dr. David Dodick, Chair of the American Migraine Foundation:


Let me reassure you that nobody is asking you to do more than you can do. Most of you who are reading this probably have Facebook pages. Many of you have Twitter or other social media accounts. Sharing information about Move Against Migraine via social media is one easy way to participate.

Here's more information from the American Migraine Foundation:

I hope you'll take the time to peruse the materials from the American Migraine Foundation and join me in supporting and participating in their Move Against Migraine initiative. Truly, we must each adopt it as our own initiative if we want it to reach peak effectiveness.


Teri Robert
patient educator and advocate, author

author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches