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Migraine Ninjas: Whose Path to Follow?

MigraineNinja200Good afternoon to my extended Migraine family! Cheers to all of you. If you're Migraine-free today, that's fabulous. If you have a Migraine today, I hope you feel better soon. 

At some point, we all choose what path to follow in life. That choice can change many times during our lives. The ups and downs of life often necessitate changing the path we follow, in our personal lives, and in our professional lives. Migraine, especially chronic Migraine, can make it necessary to adjust our paths. Certainly, my path through life has been changed by the impact of Migraine disease.

It's fairly obvious that Migraine can necessitate changes in our career paths. For some time, I'd have said that the changes to my career path were negative because I had to leave a job I enjoyed. Now, however, I wouldn't trade what I do for any other job. My path as it involved volunteer activities definitely changed. After 30 years of volunteering at our local community theatre and other arts activities in our community, my Migraines had me out of commission too often to be a dependable volunteer - or to be able to enjoy it. I'm back to volunteering again, but those activities now center around awareness and advocacy efforts related to Migraine and other Headache disorders. Thanks to my husband and best friend, John, my family path has been the most stable part of my life, despite Migraine. 

The most important thing about my path through life is that it's been MY path. There have been well-meaning people who have thought they knew what was best for me, and had their own ideas on what path I should follow. My mother, for example, had a very clear path all mapped out for me. But it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life, not at all my path. My grandmother wanted me to essentially follow that path she'd followed. Again, it wasn't my path. I chose to follow neither my mother, nor my grandmother. 

It's sometimes tempting to look at the lives of people we know, like what we see, and think we should follow them. The problem with that is that no two people have the same experiences, the same needs, the same feelings. If we follow someone else, what happens to our path?


Whose path are you following? I hope it's your own.


Teri Robert
patient educator and advocate, author

author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches


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